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Classes - pottery, batik, art & cooking


Introduced to Bali over a thousand years ago from Tang Dynasty China, Batik is made by painting material with wax (the resist) then dying it and boiling off the wax to reveal the patterns.

All the classes below require bookings, and provide all materials and tools.


2-3 hours R350,000, 4-5 hours R450,000

Classes are held regularly at 9am and 1pm

Nyoman Warta

350,000 for 2-3 hours

Nirvana Batik Course

485,000 for 4 hours.

You can do more advanced courses up to 5 days.

Threads of Life

Half-day class US$35

2, 3, 4 and 5-day studios are also available and you can use their studio to practise after the 2-day course.


The use of traditional pottery has an important historic and community value in Bali, but its not a common occupation since the advent of mass produced goods. Pottery classes are geared towards foreigners, and only a few Balinese artisans make their living from clay, with the majority of pottery work going into terracotta roof tiles and decorations. With all these workshops, you will need to wait a few days or up to a couple of weeks for your final product to come out of the oven.


Classes in hand build (R320,000), wheel throwing (R370,000) and ceramic painting (R220,000) are all 1.5 hours.

You can also try all three over 2.5 hours for R450,000


Earthenware (R300,000) or stoneware (R425,000) classes are 1 hour.

Sari Api

A three hour class is R600,000


Three hours here is R450,000


This is a lovely cafe - art space in south west Ubud. They sell their own beautiful ceramics and have 1.5 hour hand building or wheel throwing classes for R350,000. There are discounts for 2-3 people and they also have longer classes, kids classes, ceramic painting and multi-class passes available. For practising, their studio is available for hire.

Gaya Ceramics

Gaya has a week-long fundamentals course for US$700 at their beautiful studio in Ubud. You can choose hand building or wheel throwing. They also have studio space rental for $325 per month available on certain dates, along with even more intensive programs with international artists.


For an artists' commune there are surprisingly few good art classes and studios. Local artists are more likely to work in tiny home studios and sell their products in cooperatives. There are a couple of fun classes, as well as some more advanced studios listed below. There are also a number of practise groups that expats have set up - you'll need to pop on facebook to search for these if you are planning on staying in Ubud.

Bali Centre for Artistic Creativity

3 hours course for 800,000 or 3 classes for R2,160,000

Small classes up to 5 people only and medium depends on the class.

Capung Art Studios

Silk Painting

R750,000 for 3-4 hours

Kupu Kupu Gallery

Painting in the Batuan style, artist Dewa holds small classes at a very low cost, charging only for his time and materials.

Ubud Art Lessons

Something for everyone, this place is oriented to the tourist looking to while away a rainy day with an item to take home and throw away, rather than anyone wanting to actually learn something. Lessons include painting, wood carving and offering making.


A recognised artist and exhibitor, Mas Arifin offers longer term lessons, over a month, to UBud residents, including children, one-on-one. Prices upon inquiry.


Watercolour patingin class with artist Kaprust Jaya. 2 hours of one-on-one tuition for beginners through to advanced for US$40.


Try your hand at some traditional Balinese and Indonesian dishes including satay, gado-gado, fried noodles, smoked duck, black pudding rice and sambal matah – the traditional and ubiquitous condiment. Here are some more delicious dishes you might learn:

  • Tempe Manis (Sweet Fried Tempe)

  • Sayur Urap (Mix vegetables in Coconut Spices)

  • Sate Lilit (Balinese Satay)

  • Pepes Ikan (Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf)

  • Dadar Gulung (Rolled cake with Coconut and Palm Sugar)

  • Nasi Goreng (Fried rice)

  • Opor Ayan (chicken curry)

Many experiences listed are a similar cost; just check the time and their menu online to make your choice. Most offer vegetarian options, so check when you contact them.


R350,000 per person with 2 classes per day at 8.30am (includes market tour) and 3.30pm

Free pickup from your hotel in Ubud


R350,000 per person. The morning class is from 7.45am – 1pm (includes a market visit) and the afternoon class is from 2.30pm – 7pm including an offering making session

Casa Luna

Classes start from from 400,000 for 3.5 hours starting between 8.00am, 9.30am and 5.30pm on different days. Lessons focus on different areas including fish, vegan, medicinal & ceremonial. Slightly fancier (and more expensive) but much more specific.

Jeding Bali

R350,000 for 5 hours includes market experience, guiding through the rice paddy and a tour of a traditional family compound. Free shuttle in Ubud with paid pickup available for other areas of Bali. 2 classes per day; 8.30am and 2.30pm


R375,000 for 4 hours including pickup and drop off in Ubud and a market visit for the morning class. Vegetarian available. 8.30am or 4pm, includes a traditional medicine based on herbs and spices (rempah rempah)

Warung JB

Includes coconut oil processing and offering workshop, morning classes include a local market visit. Vegetarian available. 375,000 per person for around 4 hours


350,000 for 4.5 hours with 2 classes per day (8.30am – includes market tour – and 3pm). Vegetarian available. Free pickup and dropoff in Ubud area.

Canting Bali

350,000 for 5 hours, morning class includes a market tour; 8.30am and 3.30pm daily. Both morning and afternoon sessions include a rice field tour, a workshop on making an offering and learning how to make the traditional spice base.Free shuttle in the Ubud area, paid pickup from elsewhere in Bali. Vegetarian available

Lobong Culinary Experience

R450,000 (afternoon starting 4pm) or R475,000 (morning starting 8am and including a market Private classes available on request. Ubud area free pickup and dropoff

Bali Farm

Morning (7.30am) R480,000 for 6.5 hours including market tour, Afternoon (12.3opm) R450,000. Ubud area pickup and dropoff, includes organic farm tour to pick ingredients. Kids welcome with prices from 275,000. Advanced classes also available, and you can stay on the farm

Café Wayang

R350,000 for 2 hours plus lunch or dinner. Morning classes at 10am and afternoon classes at 4pm. Private lessons available. Different menus available.

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