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One of the thousands of islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, Bali’s natural beauty and fascinating culture make it a drawcard for millions of tourists each year. 


Bali has something for everyone. It has gorgeous hidden beaches, surfing, hiking, rafting and diving for the more energetic, and for the lazy and indulgent (that's me), upmarket pool clubs and restaurants.


The local food is delicious and cheap, and, away from the main tourist spots, you will see glorious vistas of the jungle, rice paddy and ocean. Bali is renowned for its artwork and handicrafts, and talented artisans can be found all over the Island. A highlight is the unusual mix of Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism that makes up the dominant religion on the island.

During the pandemic, Bali was a tourist island with no tourists, and the locals struggled. The island is now open and ready to welcome you. Remember to be respectful of this charming and exotic culture, and tread lightly upon the Island of the Gods.


Batik Border
Image by Katie Harp

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