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Performance: Dance, Music & Puppets


Gorgeous, fun and fascinating, Balinese dance is part of an ancient tradition of religious and artistic expression. Performances usually follow traditional folk tales and the great Hindu epics, with stunning costumes, precise movement and a great cast of characters. Many performances halted during the pandemic, and there aren't quite as many as there used to be in Ubud. If you find any performances not on this list, please let me know in the comments.

The Kecak dance features many dancers, a fair bit of chanting and a fiery crescendo. The Barong, the mythical giant lion, features in the never ending battle between good and evil and is great for younger kids with its mix of animal costumes and dancing. The Legong is Balinese dance drama with precise and expressive face and body movements that takes years to master.

Pura Dalem

Balinese Dance Performances in Ubud

Kecak Fire Dance

Mondays and Fridays 7.30pm

R100,000 per person: go to the ticketing office at the temple

ARMA Museum

Kecak Dance

Saturdays 7pm

Legong Dance

Wednesdays 7pm

Barong Dance

Sundays 7pm

All R150,000 per person. You can usually show up and get in, but contact them to be sure.

Ubud Palace

Ramayana Ballet, Legong and Barong Dances

Nightly 7.30pm

Pick up a tickets from any of the sellers outside the palace at around 6.45pm.

R100,000 per person

Balerung Stage

Legong and Barong Dance

Friday Nights 7.30pm (Peliatan)

R100,000 per person

Go there before 7.15pm to get tickets to book here for a better seat.

Saraswati Temple

Various Dance Shows

All week except Sundays 7.30pm

R80,000 per person

You can also watch the shows at Saraswati while you eat dinner at Cafe Lotus.

Shadow Puppets

Brought from Java a thousand years ago, the Wayang Theatre is entertainment and ritual and lesson. Puppets made of leather and wood are danced behind a screen and lit by lamps. Performances most often feature stories from the Mahabharata epic.

Oka Kartini Arts Centre

Wednesdays and Sundays 7.30pm

Jl. Raya Ubud (opposite Jl. Tirta Tawa)

Pondok Bambu

Mondays and Thursdays 8pm

Jl. Monkey Forest

You can usually just show up



The hypnotic sound of the Gamelan orchestra often accompanies dance and puppetry performances and many religious ceremonies. An orchestra can be made up of just two or three instruments, to up to dozens of performers.

Pura Dalem

The famous Gamelan Semara Ratih orchestra plays at the Pura each week.

Saturdays 7.30pm

Jl. Raya Ubud

R80,000 per person

Bentuyung Village

Jegong (Bamboo Gamelan)

Fridays and Sundays 7pm

Jl. Suweta

R80,000 per person

Saraswati Temple

Women's Gamelan Orchestra

Tuesdays 7.30pm

R80,000 per person

You can also watch the shows at Saraswati while you eat dinner at Cafe Lotus.

There are other dance performances at the temple on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


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