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A Swim in the Jungle - Teman Sari Waterfall

The pretty Teman Sari waterfall is just twenty minutes west of Ubud and perfect for a half day trip.

Teman Sari waterfall is 20 minutes drive from Ubud, about 40 minutes from Sanur and an hour and a half from Seminyak. Entrance fees are R50,000 - about US$3.50 per person.

If you are on a scooter, it's relatively easy with google maps. You can also find a driver in Ubud to take you - they'll all know where to go. When you arrive you'll be directed to a little parking area then you'll need to walk back across the road where there are clear signs down to the waterfall and pool.

A short walk down a slightly slippery path will get you to the clear pool at the base of the waterfall. There are bathrooms for changing and a place to leave your things.

The water here comes directly from Lake Batur through an underground system. It's clear and clean enough to drink from the little fountains falling into the pool (maybe not where kids have been swimming). Slightly cold, it's a very refreshing and delightful swim.

Whether you are arriving from Seminyak or Sanur or Ubud, you might like to have lunch at the fabulous Pande Egi Warung after your swim.

This amazing spot is famous for its Babi Guling - Bali's signature dish. It's very popular with locals so you may need to wait for a table. But the service is fast and the food is delicious and cheap. Vegans and vegetarians might want to avoid this place as its all about the pig here. If you love spicy food, you'll be satisfied but if, like me, you struggle with the extra chilli, make sure you ask for 'tidak pedas' (no spice). A whole meal will set you back about US$4. Outside the restaurant in the carpark are some fun little stores offering more local delicacies - you can stop here for some Indonesian sweets. My favourite is lak-lak; little rice pancakes with palm syrup and coconut for about US$0.70 a portion.

For a longer day away from Ubud (or elsewhere) you might like to add a trip to Goa Gajah and/or Yeh Pulu on the way back from your swim. Check out the posts below.


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