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Ubud Spas

This curated list goes from local (cheap and cheerful) to less local (expect western-style interiors and fancier products), to high-end medi spas. I don't think much of hotel spas in a place like Bali — they are convenient and often beautiful, but local spas are just as good and usually half the price. Venture out of the hotel and try some of these options.

Ubud Spa (cash only)

Ubud Spa is an unassuming, very local spot in Sukma Kesuma and has Jero — the very best masseur in Ubud. Big call? Maybe... but she is a strong, experienced Balinese woman in her forties rather than some young girl with butterfly fingers, and she will knead away every knot for R100,000 an hour (US$6). She will also come to your villa for an hour for a bit more. Jero also does Lulur (Balinese scrub) as well as various hair treatments and a decent pedi. The cream bath is great for pool-damaged locks.

Insider's Tip: Jl. Sukma Kesuma is a fun local street with a great selection of warungs and restaurants. I like You and Mie (seriously good handmade noodles), Mamas (possibly the best Nasi Campur in Ubud) and Rise Turkish (for some Mediterranean goodness).

Bali Relax Spa (cash only)

Across the road from Jero's Ubud Spa is another cheap and cheerful place (they have a store on Jl. Raya Ubud too). Bali Relax Spa isn't as good for a massage, but it's fun to go for a pedi and/or a mani with a friend. Super cheap at around R80,000 for a Pedi plus foot massage. Find Bali Relax Spa on google maps and just walk in.

Bugar Sehat (cash only)

This tiny little reflexology place (whose name means fit and healthy) is the perfect place to drop in on Jl. Hanoman during a shopping trip. The owner here is a proper reflexologist and he'll have your feet feeling lighter in moments. There are only two people working there, so you may have to wait. But its super cheap (about 125,000 for an hour) and worth it. There is another place around the corner (OPI) on Jl. Goutema that also offers reflexology. The guys there are just as good but its twice the price and the manicures here are expensive too.

Yeh Pulu

A local-looking place at #5 Jl. Suweta, diagonally opposite the palace, Yeh Pulu has a well-deserved reputation for high quality massages. Their services start from around 130,000 an hour, with the reflexology only 100,000. You may need to book on whatsapp: 0821-4642-0682 since its so convenient it can be busy at times, but you might also get a walk in appointment in the mornings.


Great spas in Ubud
Fun treatment rooms at Karsa Spa

A very beautiful spot on Campuhan Ridge, Karsa has a comprehensive spa menu and indoor and outdoor treatment rooms and they use lovely products. You can technically walk — about 40 minutes along the ridge — which is gorgeous but hot. Otherwise, you can drive around to the top of the ridge. They used to have a complimentary tuk-tuk from the palace and may as well start this up again after the pandemic. Treatments are around R240,000 per hour (∼US$20).

Insider's tip: when the complimentary driver starts again, you can do the walk up the ridge (around 40 minutes), have something to eat and drink at a bit of warung at the top and then have a nice treatment at Karsa. Then get a lift back to Ubud with the complimentary transfer instead of trekking all the way back down the ridge in the heat.

Flower Bath in Ubud
I'm not into these, but my friend swears by flower baths

Putri Bali Spa

Another spot with a complimentary pick-up and drop-off from the palace (just ask when you book), Putri is surrounded by pretty gardens on Jl. Raya Sanginggan and Jl. Bisma. There is also a location in Seminyak. Treatments average about R250,000 per hour, and their packages are good value if you want to make a day of it. Try out one of the scrub/wrap/massage treatments.

SkinOrganic Spa

Skin Organic (cash only)

The ladies at Skin Organic are the best for your depilatory requirements — quick, painless and thorough waxing. I like to get my eyebrows (and, ahem, my upper lip) tidied up with threading. Altogether, this costs me around R250,000 (about US$20). They do some lovely facials and their two locations are pleasant and calming. With my now ageing skin, I prefer a fancier facial (see cosmetic treatments below), but they have a few good facial options. Their packages are really good value if you want a spa-morning or full spa day.

Best spas in Ubud
The modern facade at Jaens Spa


Conveniently located on the main road into Ubud, Jaens has a plush white marble look with a Balinese edge. It's lovely to walk into, and at around R170k-R250k per hour for treatments, it looks more expensive than it is. Check out the packages section on their website; the big one is US$100 for 5.5 hours and includes Indonesian lunch looking over the rice paddies — I think this is great value.

Best spas in Ubud
Fresh is conveniently located in the best shopping street


With a very western-feel, Fresh spa has a fun interior and an innovative menu. Prices are a little higher than other stand-alone spas in Ubud, but their products are very good. Starts at around R250,000 per hour.

Tjampuhan Spa

Best spas in Ubud
The slightly ludicrous but fun 'cave' at Tjampuhan

I love Tjampuhan Spa! Pay at the door (R130,000), walk all the way down nearly to the river, pop your stuff in a locker and slip into the hot pool in the cave overlooking the valley. Sooooo relaxing. When your blood starts boiling, clamber over into the freezing cold pool and get that circulation pumping. The more times you pop into the cold pool, the longer you'll be able to stay in. There is also a steam room and a sauna, and they have a standard spa with the usual treatments — which, being in a hotel, are more expensive than stand-alone spas in Ubud. Having a massage or a facial after you've been soaking in the heat is particularly beneficial. Afterwards, try out the hotel's high tea in the restaurant above the jungle valley. You don't need to book for the pools.

Insider's tip: For the cold pool, it's easier to get straight in quickly and pop your head under for a moment than to torture yourself with a slow entry.

Medical Spas

Botox, fillers and other fancy treatments are much cheaper in Bali than in places like Australia, the US and the UK. I wouldn't go to a side-of-the-road place for this type of work, but there are a good number of medi spas in Bali that have highly trained doctors, state-of-the-art technology and quality products for about half what you'd pay at home. I've listed the good places in Ubud and named a couple further afield. There are loads of treatments — most I haven't tried — so check their websites. Also, a Facebook page called Beauty in Bali is excellent to check with other women on treatments in Bali. Make sure you understand the downtime; you might prefer to get Botox at the beginning of your holiday, but something like lasers where your face will be uncomfortably red for a few days is not great for your holiday pics. Note that for standard cleansing facials, scrubs and massages I wouldn't go to a medi spa — you can get just as good treatments at the cheaper places listed above.

Medical Spa Ubud
The calming interior of Cocoon Medical Spa


There is a Cocoon in both Legian and Ubud, and it's very good quality with high tech treatments and highly trained staff. If you book online, don't do what I did and accidentally book for the wrong place. It's popular (and very beautiful with a view of the rice fields from the waiting room), so it might be busier in the high season — you may want to book from home before you get here just in case. Botox here is about R90,000 a unit (~US$7) and is carried out by a trained cosmetic doctor, not a nurse or an 'aesthetician'. I've found them gentle and careful, and they don't push you to have more than you want or need.

Medical Spas Ubud
Let the ladies at AP take your care, and associated frown lines, away

AP Clinic

This place is very clinical and professional-looking and has a huge range of high tech treatments. AP Clinic is slightly cheaper than Cocoon, and there are monthly deals to keep your eye on (check their Instagram).

I also did one of their high-end medical facials (gold something or other), and it was amazing. I loved the consultation with the dermatologist who gave me a rundown on treatments that would be good for my skin type and age.

Bliss Derma Aesthetic

This is a new place up in Tegallalang and I'm a bit fan. The doctor is a lady from Bandung and she is excellent, friendly and super cheap. We needed some competition in Ubud - medispa treatements have always been pricier than Legian - and Bliss fills the gap. They have loads of great options and you will get a great consultation. Check out their specials on Insta and tell them I sent you.

Elsewhere in Bali

Lumina Aesthetics, Kuta

ARC Anti-ageing Beauty Clinic, Kuta

Rejuvie Clinic, Kuta

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