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Upmarket Ubud

Fine Dining in Ubud
Aperitif Ubud

Ubud is a relaxed place where I tend to go without makeup, and I can't remember the last time I wore high heels. Walking around shirtless or wearing a bikini around town is ignorant and obnoxious — you aren't at the beach — but flip-flops, shorts and a singlet top are fine pretty much everywhere. However, if you are ready to slap on some lippy and pop on a nice frock — for a date night, a special occasion, or just a treat for when you want to bring joy to your tastebuds or try something new — the town has many options. Ubud is truly a gastronomic paradise with high-quality restaurants equal to the best in the world.

Compared to high-end restaurants in most other places in the world, the upmarket places in Bali are very reasonably priced for what you get. Note that the advertised prices may not include the tax and sometimes a service charge, so expect an extra 20% or so on top of the prices on their websites. For most of these, you will need to book in advance during the high and even low seasons, particularly on the weekends.

As always, prices are subject to change (and often do especially in high season) so please check.

HIGH-END (Degustation)


I have a soft spot for Aperitif since they used to let me practise piano during covid. It’s a beautiful setting, the dishes are exciting and the menu comprehensive. Every dish is a joy to the senses, and the service is impeccable. I prefer the drinks pairing here - I find cocktails, sake and beer, even when expertly paired, overwhelm and clash with delicate and subtle flavours (plus lightweights like me get too tipsy), but a good wine elevates a beautiful meal.

If you're hungry enough for the 8 courses, go for it, but the 6 course menu still includes amazing house-made bread, starters and little extras, so you won't be hungry. I recommend getting there at sunset to watch the skies darken over the jungle; have your appetizers on the bar terrace then move to the restaurant for the entree. You can also start with an amazing cocktail from my friend Panji — the resident mixologist. At the end of the meal, you will be invited to return to the bar for a digestiv served with tiny, sweet petit fours. The 6-course menu is R1.45m for food (US$120) plus about US$55 for the wine pairing. Again, worth every rupiah. The lunch option is also very good at R650,000 for 4 courses (∼US$50), or you can go all-out with the prestige option, which I'd love to try one day, but it's currently beyond my budget. Check Aperitif's menus, and keep your eye on their social media for events during the week.

Insiders tip: When I had a meal here with my friend Cath, we shared the wine pairing. They don’t really like doing this of course so we did the cheeky pouring between glasses, but for two women it was more than enough, especially with an extra cocktail each to start, and we were still a little tipsy by the end of the evening. You can arrange complimentary car pickup and drop-off from your hotel or villa when you book. website


Mozaic is an institution in Ubud, and on any given night, there will be a cohort of older expats pretending they speak more Indonesian than they do. The style feels more European (specifically French) but chef is a real epicurean scientist and the dishes seems to evolve each year. The beautifully presented meals are complemented by the usual high standard of Balinese service, and you may enjoy the more relaxed, convivial atmosphere compared the other more formal places.

The price is R1.3m (US$90) for the 6 courses or R1.56m for 8 courses. The wine list is excellent but if you want to pair it starts at R1.2m which I found reasonable. There are also wine/beer and cocktail pairings if that’s your thing.

They have recently enclosed in the restaurant with glass. This is not an improvement in my view; leading to a more European feel which is all about the food. This would be fine but the fragrant garden is so pretty, and we are in Bali with its perfect conditions for al fresco dining. However, the new, fun-sounding system I have yet to experience is a bit of a moving feast - starting in the bar for hors d'oeuvres, then the main dining room, finishing the experience in the gardens.


I was dubious when my vegan friend Laurina suggested we try out Herbivore, situated in the recently vacated Locavore restaurant in the middle of town. I wasn't sure an omnivore like me would appreciate a full degustation menu that is completely plant based. I was wrong, which doesn't happen often.

This was an amazing experience; every mouthful was a joy - an explosion of flavours - and there were no misses in 8 main dishes and a large number of snacks, hors d'oeuvres and amuse bouche. We chose not to have the full experience with the rice cocktails and luckily there is a teeny selection of wines available.

Laurina and I were guests of the restaurant but the degustation menu is usually Rp. 750,000 plus service and taxes. The alcohol pairing is just Rp. 500k, but we enjoyed a bottle of delicious chenin blanc for about A$80. As one of the cheapest degustation on this list, I found this exceptionally reasonable for an exquisite experience.

Nb. This is plant-based but may include a dish with honey, so please tell the staff if you are fully vegan. Note that it is also gluten free for our coeliac readers.

Syrco BASÈ

This stunning new addition to Ubud's impressive high end selection is from two-Michelin starred Belgian/ Indonesian chef Syrco Bakker. The restaurant is in a modern 2-story steel, cement and wood number which is still warm, vibrant and welcoming, inexplicably incorporating elements of Indonesia and Europe. Diners are invited on a 'sensory experience' and the food very much lived up to the chef's reputation. Like many of the high end places in Ubud there is an emphasis on local ingredients.

There is a wealth of unique and uniquely Indonesian flavours within a choice of three menus. I went for the Heritage version which included a deconstructed nasi goreng. Both the mixed menus are Rp1,65m while the plant based version is Rp1.25m. You can also try the chef's table for more eye-watering Rp. 2.2m. My fellow diners chose the drinks accompaniments which included sake and beer. With my preference for wine to elevate an expensive meal I went for a delicious Austrian white which was perfect. The list wasn't expansive, and proportionately pricey, and the matching drinks added more than $150 per person to the already steep price. This was one minor downside to a wondrously epicurean evening with charming staff and amusing dining companions.

Locavore NXT

Acclaimed Locavore has moved to fancy new digs in Lodtunduh - just south of Ubud. One of the downsides of the previous location in the middle of town was its non-existent view. The new place is enormous and has a glorious panorama of the rice paddies, so you'll want to get an early reservation for sunset. They are now offering rooms in their boutique hotel, and the site includes kitchen gardens and very industrial looking bar. I am waiting on a well-heeled visitor to enjoy the new setting with but presumably the quality is the same in a better setting. Previously named as one of the 50 best restaurants in Asia, Locavore's menu concentrates on local and sustainable produce. They still serve meat but no dairy or gluten products. Fully vegan and vegetarian options can be requested.

A stunning meld of Asian and European styles and tastes, you don't get much choice in what you eat apart from letting them know any food allergies. Usually, the menu is an 8-plate degustation and each time you go, it will be different (depending on the available produce). But there are also snacks, starters, amusé bouche and extra little nibbles at the beginning, middle and end. Each dish is gorgeous and exciting, and the first time I was there I stayed for 4 hours with my cousin and barely noticed the time. We did the unusual drinks pairing that included beer, spirits and cocktails, which I didn't really enjoy. If I'm paying that much for food I want some decent plonk to drink with it. You can purchase wines by the bottle or glass.

It's an event to remember. Budget for R1.8 million for food, and R750,000 for the alcohol pairing (plus taxes) — so around US$230 per person including taxes and service. It is absolutely worth it for a special occasion or indulgence. website 

Locavore can be booked out for evenings often 2 months in advance especially in high season, but lunch times are often available.

NB. Locavore is now gluten free so great for coeliacs.


  • Kubu: The 8-course degustation starts at R1,200,000 per person with a wine pairing for an extra R900k. website This is a stunning spot in the ritzy Ritz Carlton. Try and get a drink first in their top bar.

  • Blanco Par Mandif - 7 course degustation for an eye-watering R1,900,000 per person plus taxes. Wine pairing is a further R1,100,000 (a hefty US$195 in total per person) website

  • Api Jiwa - Asian Omakase sample menu is R1,300,000 per person (∼US$90) plus drinks. Their plant-based option is just R850,000 pp. website. I've been invited to Api Jiwa and haven't yet squeezed it in, but I have visited the beautiful hotel which is worth the trip just to look around the gorgeous gardens.

  • Room for Dessert: R1,090,000 (~US$70) per person dessert degustation plus R800,000 for wine pairing. It's not all sweet! Savoury courses include prawns, bread and wagyu tartar. website I enjoyed lunch here but they no longer offer this option.

  • Kappa Senses: very new, very beautiful…I’m looking forward to trying their ‘semi-epicurean’ degustation options soon.


Upmarket Indonesian Food Ubud
Side Dishes from Nusantara


Nusantara is the old word for Indonesia, and apparently, the new capital will be called Nusantara too. It's an offshoot of Locavore and concentrates on dishes from all over the archipelago, with a strong emphasis on Balinese dishes.

Nusantara's tasting menu is fun to try different meals from different parts of Indonesia, and their pricing is very reasonable at R450,000 per person plus drinks and tax (∼US$40), and they also do a la carte. My chef brother-in-law though this place was a highlight of his culinary journey to Bali.

The Sayan House

Fine Dining Ubud
Fois Gras Nigiri at The Sayan House

The view across the jungle valley will take your breath away when you first walk into The Sayan House. Get there at 6 pm for the sunset and stay for the amazing Japanese-Latin infusion menu.

Try out the Fois Gras Nigiri or Nippon Ensalada with a delicious cocktail as you watch the sunset over the Ayung River. Expect to pay about US$90 for two including a couple of drinks.

Hujan Locale

Fine Dining Indonesian Cuisine Ubud
Upmarket Indonesian Cuisine at Hujan Locale

Right in town, this upmarket Indonesian restaurant is fun, busy and excellent. A meal for two with a couple of drinks will set you back about R800,000 (US$60) — amazing value for very high quality food. Like Nusantara, Hujan Locale is better for a small group, as you'll be able to try an amazing range of Indonesian food and flavours, but it's also lovely for just two or one. I've sat happily by myself there once or twice. Website.

Pica South American Kitchen

South American food in Ubud
Seafood special at Pica

Pica is in a convenient spot in central Ubud on Jl. Dewa Sita. It's a very high-quality mid-level South American restaurant that's a bit tiny so make sure you book on a weekend. Their seafood specials are always good, and if you're lucky, you'll get these on oyster night.

The food is interesting, excellent and fun, and the wine list is small but perfect. The staff are delightful. Expect to pay less than US$40 each plus wine. Website.


Steakhouse Ubud
Steak Selection at Batubara

Meaning 'coal' in Indonesian, don‘t be put off by the main road location. This steakhouse has a pleasant ambience matched by top level service. You choose your steak by the 100g after looking at the array of meats brought to your table. They will give it a nice sear then bbq it in front of you to get it perfect.

The entrees are tasty and unusual, the side dishes are amazing on their own and the small wine list is perfectly suited to a good steak. If you’re craving some iron after too much nasi goreng or vegan food, this is the place. 250g is perfect for a woman, although if I’d ordered more I would have eaten it; the wagyu is heavenly. The cost will be around US$35 plus wine and including a small entree or dessert. Website

Japanese restaurant Ubud
Cocktail and Amuse Bouche


Shichirin is a gorgeous little Teppanyaki in central Ubud (Jl. Bisma) with high end Japanese, a fun grill experience, excellent cocktails and charming service.

Go with friends to enjoy a range of small dishes, and definitely try out some of the grill options for a meal and a show! Depending on your appetite, the bill might set you back about A$80 per person include a cocktail or two.


Restaurants in Ubud
The view from Indus

A pretty, open air spot looking over the Campuhan Ridge, Indus serves a lovely range of traditional, but upmarket, Balinese and pan-Asian food. The cocktails are high-quality, the service is friendly and there are often great events here, such as artwork displays, salsa nights and jazz evenings. Happy hour is excellent value from 5-7 pm and includes complementary tapas. For dinner, you are looking at about US$25 per person for food. The restaurant is also open on the weekends for a high-quality breakfast/brunch. Website.


Excellent service at this new bar and tapas restaurant complements the great dishes (I love the gnocchi and empanadas) and fun cocktails. This place is great for sharing small, tasty plates but they have larger meals now too. Lunch is available on the weekends, along with a small happy hour from midday until 3pm. Expect to pay around US$80 including a couple of cocktails. Instagram.

Honey and Smoke

A modern-Australian bar and restaurant on Jl. Monkey Forest, this new venue has an excellent cocktail list and an amazing range of menu items. As advertised, most dishes are grilled and honey is a key ingredient. I went with a vegetarian friend and enjoyed all the delicious dishes. I would like to go again for some of the amazing meat-based tapas, so this is on the list to update soon. You will need to reserve here, particularly on the weekend. Website.

Cerita Manisan

Upmarket Indonesian Restaurant Ubud
Cerita Manisan

Behind Pison on Jl. Pengosekan, Cerita Manisan is an Indonesian restaurant in a very pretty spot. It's more expensive than a super local warung, and gives you an idea of contemporary, upmarket pan-Indonesian food. You can try out any of their 6 types of sambal with delicious fish, or a Javanese beef dish, or followed by an amazing dessert, accompanied by a great Indonesian-inspired cocktail.

I had a bit of a problem with their service - a bell system. Left over from the Pandemic, it's impersonal and means the staff aren't looking when the table needs clearing. The lighting is also particularly bad, ensuring that you can't see out to the rather lovely garden. Nevertheless, every meal I've had here has been excellent. Instagram.


  • Uma Cucina (Italian) - website

  • Cascades (Western - but try the rijstafel) - website

  • Akar (Western) - website

  • Botanist (Vegetarian) - website

  • Plantation Restaurant at Alila Ubud (Indonesian) - website

  • Copper Kitchen (Western and Indonesian) - website


For slightly cheaper, everyday international eats, checkout the Ubud Guide list here, or for Indonesian food, check this one.



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