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This is an insider's guide to Ubud by a long term resident. While the guide concentrates on Ubud, you can also read about tours of other places in Bali, within an easy day trip of Ubud. You might like to see this as a more curated guide to the cultural heart of Bali.
There are no ads, no promotions, and no money or gifts are accepted for including businesses in this blog. However you can contribute to keeping the guide free by sending a small donation through Ko-Fi.

New posts are being added all the time, but if you'd like to know something specific, send us a note using the contact form below. You can also subscribe to get notification of new posts.

about the author

Pepita trained as a science communicator and worked in corporate communications and project management in a range of industries. She became an analyst, senior manager then board director for mineral exploration companies while doing speaking gigs, brokering and capital raising. 


Needing a creative outlet, Pepita retrained as a web designer and copywriter while keeping her fingers in a few tech pies. She has written a number of books in a future publishing pipeline and enjoys trialling the best places in Ubud for this guide.


Pepita has lived in four countries, including her native Australia. She now resides in Bali with her two boisterous rescue dogs and a beloved kindle with a cracked screen. 

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